PE Transparent Shrink Film Bags

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1,Toughness,flexibility and high,and good sealing

2,  Anti-shock, anti-pierced strong , unbreakable

3,  Strong set of packaging

Product Name(Model)PVC Shrink FilmPE Shrink FilmPET Shrink FilmPOF Shrink Film


(physical properties)

pe shrink filmpet shrink filmFilm Plastic Packingpe shrink film
shrink temperature90‌‌°C-150°C90‌‌°C-150°C90‌‌°C-150°C
transmittance ratio》95°C》95°C》95°C
Tensile Strength (NPA)horizontal:》42horizontal:》42horizontal:》42
Elongation at break (%)horizontal:》70horizontal:》70horizontal:》70
Tear Strength (KNM)horizontal:》60horizontal:》60horizontal:》60
Elasticity Index (Standard)60
Tension at break (L/T):11or13
Haze (% standard: 1003A)2
Gloss (Standard: D2457)120

Friction coefficient (standard: D1894/B-63)



[ Name ]: Heatshrinkable film / bag

[ Specification ] Customize any specification

Thickness ] : Regular 0.02 / 0.025 / 0.03

Material ]: POF / PVC / PE / PET

[ Scope of use] : Mainly used for packaging regular and irregular products , plastic productsstationery . books , crafts , and wooden craftsdaily necessities , edible cosmetics , etc .

Product advantages

1. Smooth and flat

Precision instrument straightline cutting

2. Preferred materials

Environmentally friendly materials are selected for convenience and durability

3. Easy to modify strongand transparent 

Good transparency can d rectly seethe packaged goods to meet the needsof different strengths and packagingproperties .

4. Strong performance Strong stability 

Strong heat resistance , toughness ,ductility , and high shrinkage The product itself is not stiff , not brittleand rot easy to break , ensuring long- term storage stability of the packaged items.

5. Wide application

It is used for electrical appliances ,hardware , daily necessities , stationery ,food , beverages , cosmetics , etc . The outer packaging suitable for various products has the effect of beautiful and dust-proof protection , which can keep the products clean and bright . 

Foshan Weibang Packaging Materials Co , Ltd

Main products PVC heat shrinkable bag , POF heat shrinkable bag , PE sealed bag , PE flat bag , pet label film , etc 

Customized size / Pattern custom

Two-dimensional code , text pattern LOGO , telephone ,address and other monochrome and color patterns cabe printed on the bag . For details , please contact online Customer service 

CUSTOMIZED Undertake customized production 

Customized size / Customized bag / Material selection /Come to sampleto picture / Printing logo

Why Choose POF Heat Shrink Film ?

1. High transparencymproves the product packaging grade and the appearance is more vividand beautif

2. High shrinkage rateFree adjustment according to user needs and strong operability

3. Wide range of usesSuitable for a variety of product packaging requirements , strengtheningthe visual packaging effect of products 

4. Good waterproof effectgood anti-loose , rain-proof and dust-proof effect5 . The drawing depth is highthe elongation is large , and the operability can be adjusted freely accordingto the user's needs

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