Use skills of heat shrinkable film

2023-05-13 11:10

Heat shrinkable film is widely used in the packaging industry. It has the characteristics of high transparency, good gloss and large shrinkage, but sometimes it may have insufficient strength in use. The following manufacturers in heat shrinkable film teach you how to improve the sealing strength of heat shrinkable film:

heat shrinkable film

First, in the process of heat sealing, the heat sealing pressure should be moderate, because uneven pressure may cause bubbles in the heat sealing part, which will affect the sealing strength.

Second, the longer the heat sealing time, the better the adhesion between heat sealing layers, but it is not suitable for too long time to avoid wrinkles.

PVC heat shrinkable film

Third, when heat shrinkable film is heat-sealed, it is enough to adjust the temperature to the semi-melting temperature. Overheating the temperature will melt the heat shrinkable film and affect its use.

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