PVC packaging film has seven characteristics to explain

2023-01-05 15:11

Features of PVC packaging film:

1. No residue: tear off the protective film, and there will be no residual text or glue.

2. No degumming: use glue material, don't let the protective film become a burden that affects product quality.

3. No retraction: The temperature difference between the environment and the surface stretching will cause the two ends to protrude. The protective film is made of good quality materials and high temperature. We are not comparing it for a while, but for the long-term quality.

PVC packaging film

4. No falling off: the viscosity is 1% higher than that of general enterprise products, and the protective film will not fall off after being pasted.

5. Recycling: Green and environmentally friendly stretch film can be recycled and granulated in the factory by using general recycling equipment. It can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also save the cost of recycling packaging.

6. Easy to use and good working speed: Due to the green and environmentally friendly stretch film, it has been pre-stretched and processed, which is quite labor-saving to use, and it does not use the packaging machine and the packaging site, and can be operated by men, women, and children. Under the same weight, the length of each roll of this green stretch film is more than double the length of each roll of ordinary stretch film, which can reduce the frequency of replacing film rolls when packaging, and is more convenient in transportation, packaging and distribution. It can also save costs.

packaging film

7. Reduce the overall packaging cost: Replacing the traditional stretch stretch film with green environmental protection film, the total amount of use is significantly reduced, so its use cost, transportation cost and storage space cost are all reduced.

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