PET heat shrinkable film performance and advantages

2024-07-10 10:27

1.PET heat shrinkable film performance

Stable at room temperature, shrinks when heated (above glass transition temperature), more than 70% heat shrinkage occurs in one direction.

2.Advantages of PET heat shrinkable film

PET shrink film is often used in food, beverage market, electronic and electrical appliances, metal products, especially shrink labels important application areas. With the rapid development of PET beverage bottles (such as Coke, Sprite, a variety of fruit juices and other beverage bottles), the need for heat sealing labels with PET shrink film, and therefore belongs to the polyester category, easy to recycle as an environmentally friendly material.

PET heat shrink film in addition to being used as shrink labels, in recent years also began to be used for daily commodities packaging. Because it can not only protect the packaging material from impact, rain, humidity, rust, rust, but also through the printing of beautiful packaging to get users, well show the good image of the manufacturer.

PET heat shrinkable film

At present, more and more packers use printed shrink film to replace the traditional transparent film. Because the printed shrink film improves the appearance of the product grade, is conducive to product advertising, trademark brand can give consumers a deep impression.

It can also be used as polyester film for packaging, polyester film for perming, polyester film for holographic, polyester film for holographic laser anti-counterfeiting trademarks, polyester film for capacitors, black polyester film, polyester matte film, PET polyester twisted film.


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