Manufacture and application of pvc heat shrinkable film

2022-06-23 12:01

Pvc heat shrinkable film can be produced by extrusion flat blowing method. Take pvc heat shrinkable film for coating dry battery as an example, its typical formula is: 100 parts of PVC-SG4 or PVC-SG5 resin; MCS4 copies; DOP4; 3 copies of DCP3; 2 parts of tin stabilizer; 2 parts of epoxy; 0.5 part of chelating agent; 0.2 part of stearic acid; 0.2 part of calcium carbonate. The above materials are kneaded, plasticized, extruded, stretched, cooled and shaped to obtain the finished product.

Contour machining

Extrusion flat blowing method. The extruder used is a common single-screw extruder with equal distance and unequal depth, with screw diameter φ Φ30mm, length-diameter ratio of 25: 1, compression ratio of 3: 1, and cross-shaped flat blowing head. The main technological conditions are as follows: the temperature of the rear section of the extruder is 170,175℃, the temperature of the middle section and the front section is 180,185℃, and the temperature of the die is about 180℃; The temperature of heated shower water is 8595℃; The cooling water temperature for cooling is the natural temperature.


Pvc can be used for insulation packaging of electrical appliances and electronic components (such as outer packaging of dry batteries); General goods packaging and contact food packaging, etc. As a packaging material, pvc heat shrinkable film can not only simplify the packaging process and reduce the packaging volume, but also be widely used in commodity packaging because the contracted transparent film tightly wraps the packaged goods and can clearly show the color and shape of the goods.

Pvc heat shrinkable film has the characteristic of shrinkage when heated, and the heat shrinkable film of pvc will shrink when heated, so that it is tightly attached to the surface of the packaged goods. At the same time, it has the characteristics of good transparency, pollution prevention and excellent electrical insulation.

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