Information on the use of heat shrinkable film

2024-03-28 17:42

According to the product specifications of our factory, heat shrinkable film selects the appropriate PVC heat shrinkable sleeve film. Install the sleeve film on the package at the temperature of 100℃-160℃ for 6-10 seconds (the actual temperature of the sleeve film is 86℃, and the temperature rise of the package is less than 10℃).

heat shrinkable film

1, shrink film performance is good, but also has a good strength, accept the weight of the content.

2. heat shrinkable film has high transparency, so the label has bright color and good luster.

3. heat shrinkable film is close to the goods after shrinking, and the packaging is compact and can show the appearance of the goods, and the packaged goods are beautiful.

4. heat shrinkable film has good sealing, antifouling and antirust functions, which can prolong the storage period of food, facilitate storage and facilitate open-air stacking.

5. heat shrinkable film can provide 360-degree decoration for packaging containers, and can print commodity information such as product description on labels, so that consumers can understand the performance of products without opening the packaging.

6. heat shrinkable film can package special-shaped products that are difficult to package by ordinary methods.

Heat shrinkable film has good applicability and is not afraid of water. It is very suitable for packaging in foreign trade import and export, paper making, hardware, plastics and chemicals, building materials and food industries. Now I'd like to introduce the advantages of heat shrinkable film to you in detail:

1. The goods packaged in heat shrinkable film are hygienic and clean, and sealed packaging can prevent dust and moisture.

2. heat shrinkable film can also be used to replace all kinds of cartons, which not only saves the packaging cost, but also conforms to the packaging trend.

3. heat shrinkable film is suitable for packaging commodities of various shapes, can be close to commodities, is transparent, beautiful in appearance, clean and bright, and increases the attractiveness of products.

4. heat shrinkable film has shock resistance, impact resistance and good protective performance. The packaged goods are compact and fixed, and small parts will not stagger in the packaging.

PVC heat shrinkable film

Characteristics of heat shrinkable film:

1. After the package is shrunk, it will be stored under the environmental condition of 30 degrees, and there will be no color change such as fading and discoloration.

2. heat shrinkable film has a smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, no oil stains, impurities and folds, which can improve the product packaging grade.

3. heat shrinkable film can play a close-fitting, water-proof, dust-proof and beautiful role in individual packaging or group packaging of packaged goods.

Heat shrinkable film has the characteristics of good transparency, easy shrinkage, and the shrinkage rate can be adjusted freely according to the needs of users. At the same time, it is very simple to use, just blow hot air to make the film stick to the goods, and then seal the top.

Heat shrinkable film is shaped and manufactured after being stretched in a high temperature environment, and when the temperature drops rapidly. However, when heat shrinkable film is used, it is heated to the temperature of drawing again, and the molecular segments of the material return to the disordered curled state, that is, it shows the phenomenon of thermal shrinkage. When the heat shrinkable film is cooled to room temperature, it produces cold shrinkage force, which makes the shrinkage film compact.

Because of its easy deformation, heat-shrinkable film is used as the packaging of many products, such as the packaging of common stationery in our life, the outer packaging of beverage bottles and the packaging of some tableware. Generally, they have good elastic force, which can wrap the goods well, prevent the goods from being damaged, and avoid the looseness and deformation of the goods caused by lax packaging. This advantage enables the heat-shrinkable film to be deformed differently according to the different needs of customers. Meet their different needs.

shrinkable film

Heat shrinkable film is often used in convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances and metal products, especially shrink labels. Because with the rapid development of PET beverage bottles, such as cola, sprite, all kinds of fruit juice and other beverage bottles need PET heat shrinkable film to be matched with them for heat sealing labels. They belong to polyester, are environmentally friendly materials, and are easy to recycle.

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