Foshan Weibang packaging has green packaging materials

2022-03-03 18:11

After entering the 21st century, many countries in the world have invested a lot of human and financial resources in the research and development of green packaging materials. According to the statistics of degradation plastics professional committee of China Plastics Association, in 2002, there were more than 100 enterprises and institutions engaged in research and development and production of degradation plastics in China. Foshan Weibang packaging material Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of environmental protection shrink film, PVC heat shrink film, PVC printing film, PE, pet heat shrink film and plastic packaging materials. It has also joined in the ranks of green packaging materials research and development, and strive to save costs, environmental protection and recycling.

Research and development status

Packaging materials have been faced with a dilemma: waterproof packaging, such as plastic film, is difficult to degrade after being discarded, which will cause environmental pollution; degradable packaging, such as ordinary paper, is not waterproof, and its use scope is limited. How to achieve complete biodegradation, moisture-proof and water-proof, and can be widely used in the automatic packaging machine of existing production enterprises in the process of production packaging? Environmental protection shrink film can be fully degraded by microorganisms, non-toxic to human body, non polluting to the environment, and can also achieve the effect of moisture prevention, water-proof and automatic heat sealing. According to the introduction, the environmental protection shrink film produced with multi-functional waterproof agent does not need to add special equipment in the processing technology. During the processing, the film will not produce any wrinkles. The plastic film produced can be waterproof, moisture-proof, heat sealing, cold coating, etc.

application prospect

Multifunctional waterproof agent can also be used as adhesive, which is stronger than ordinary adhesive seal and waterproof, and has a long storage time, so there is no "burst" phenomenon. It can be widely used in food, tea, medicine, beverage granule and other packaging. In addition to environmental protection, this kind of packaging material can also save energy. According to the current market comparable price, the cost of using environmental paper packaging is far lower than that of aluminum plastic composite packaging. The appearance of this new paper packaging material will play a great role in environmental protection, and will also play a better role in the health and safety of tea, food, medicine, beverage granules and other products.

The above is just a part of the latest development of green packaging materials in China. It is believed that the development of green packaging materials in the future, through independent research and development and cooperation with developed countries in Europe and the United States, can approach or even exceed the non degradable packaging in terms of its printing performance, packaging application performance, manufacturing process and production cost step by step. It has become a big player in China's soft packaging industry and a booster for packaging enterprises to open a new market situation.

Foshan Weibang packaging also keeps pace with the development of the packaging industry of the times. It has environmentally friendly heat shrinkable films, such as POF environmental shrinkable films, PE and pet heat shrinkable films, which are recyclable films, including waterproof, moisture-proof and heat sealing functions. If you need, you are welcome to contact us for consultation and cooperation.

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