Causes and application of shrinkage film without deformation in use

2024-04-02 17:59

Nowadays, the use of shrink film is more and more recognized, and it is more and more common. Some items will deteriorate, rot and other phenomena after long-term housing. The shrink film can be kept for a long time without deformation. What is the reason? After all, if there is any secret.

shrink film

First, the temperature controller adopts digital display temperature controller, with built-in PID function. The sealing temperature is easy to use and accurate, and can be set at will.

Second, the sealing knife itself also has an automatic protection function to prevent the packaging from being cut by mistake.

Third, the shrink film sealing knife adopts a Dubontephron coated aluminum alloy knife from a certain country, which can withstand high temperature, and the sealing will not crack, coke or smoke.

packaging films

Fourth, the whole machine has realized the unmanned operation connection with the production line.

Five, automatic feeding, the length can also be automatically adjusted by the combination of electric eye and timer.

The above is the secret that the shrink film will not be deformed for a long time. After packaging, the corners of the seal are soft; During the heat sealing process, no bad gas is generated; Uniform thickness, soft texture, not afraid of cold, not hard and brittle in winter, and not easy to break during transportation. And the binding force will not change, thus ensuring that the packaged object will not deform after being put for a long time.

Shrinkage film is widely used in the market, with good market development and many advantages, but some manufacturers may produce products with poor shrinkage. What are the reasons and how to solve them?

First, the shrink film has no holes. This situation is mainly aimed at the automatic packaging of shrink film. When the user's products need to be fully packaged, the surface of the shrink film is changed to puncture some small holes, so that the gas in the film can be emitted through the small holes during shrinkage, otherwise the gas will be in the film, and the film will bulge.

Second, the temperature is not enough. The working principle of the shrinking machine is actually relatively simple, that is, the matching of speed and temperature. When the temperature is low, wrinkles will appear on the surface of the product. And if the temperature is high, the film will be burnt again. Generally, the shrink film can be used at a temperature of about 150-180 degrees.

PVC heat shrink film

Third, the speed does not match. Different products shrunk by users, different furnace channel lengths and different furnace temperatures require different conveying speeds. There is no standard value for this speed for reference, mainly because customers need to carry out tests when using them. Generally, after several tests, better results will basically appear. The longer the flue, the higher the temperature and the faster the speed, which needs customers to decide according to their own needs.

Four, the furnace size is not appropriate. Inappropriate size of the flue can be divided into two situations, one is that the flue is too large, and the other is naturally that the flue is too small. When the flue is too large, the temperature received by the membrane is relatively small, and most of the heat is difficult to concentrate together, so it is necessary to increase the shrinkage packaging machine to a very high temperature to achieve a good shrinkage ratio. However, if the furnace channel is too small, the film will stick to the inner wall of the furnace channel, which will be burnt.

Five, the quality of the film is too poor, or the width of the selected film is not appropriate, and the shrinking film suitable for the shrinking machine needs to meet the corresponding requirements. If the quality of the shrinking film is too poor, some of the shrinking effects are not good, either with wrinkles or bursting.

Shrinkage film is mainly processed by plasticizing and extrusion technology. Shrinkage film can be used to package products with regular and irregular shapes, and its transparency ratio is good, which can make people understand the products more clearly and increase their understanding of the products, thus promoting people to buy. For example, some foods, we are usually attracted by the determination of products, so as to buy, shrink film manufacturers tell everyone that this is the role of shrink film.

Pet shrink film is a new type of packaging material, and its major feature is that it can be recycled, so it also reduces people's waste, which is more in line with green. pet shrink film can be mainly used for beverage or beverage packaging, and it is easy to recycle when beverage bottles and pet shrink film are used together.

Shrinkage film is also one of many packaging films. No matter whether it is a regular product or an irregular product, it can be used. How to improve the shrinkage effect of shrinkage film? Shrinkage film manufacturers share with you.

First, when using the shrink film, look at whether there are puncture holes on the surface of the shrink film. Everyone should know that the surface of the shrink film is changed to puncture some small holes, so that the gas inside can be emitted through the small holes when shrinking.

Second, there is to see if the temperature is appropriate. The shrink film manufacturer reminds everyone that the shrink film should reach some temperature when shrinking, so it is necessary to see if the temperature meets the requirements.

Third, it depends on the quality of the shrink film. When we choose the shrink film, we should choose a good quality shrink film, so that we can meet the requirements of shrinkage when we shrink.

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