1. Manufacturer of professional entities:

  • Standardized workshop, high degree of automation, and large capacity, which can be used for mass production of heat shrinkable film manufacturers.

  • Our products meet the industrial ZBG 33009-89 standard, and have passed SGS, AOV and CMA testing certification.

  • Widely used in light industry, such as medicine, food, beverage, daily necessities, hardware, plastics, etc. Our company has the leading technology and production equipment, and the technical indicators such as toughness, strength and transparency of our products have reached the advanced level of the packaging industry.

2. Professional sales of heat shrinkable film and PVC heat shrinkable film for many years:

  • The material of heat shrinkable film is green and environment-friendly, which has no harm to human body and surrounding environment, no side effects, and no peculiar smell when used.

  • High shrinkage rate: the sealing is firm and durable, the shrinkage rate is high, the environment-friendly heat shrinkage has no peculiar smell, and the texture is flexible and not easy to break.

  • Good cold resistance: it can keep flexibility at-50℃ without embrittlement, and is suitable for storage and transportation of packaged goods in cold environment.

  • Our products are sold all over the world with stable quality and sincere service.

3. Special specifications can be customized and processed according to customer requirements, and solutions are provided:

  • Implement the whole process control of product quality according to the standard to ensure product quality.

  • Years of product design and manufacturing experience, providing reliable packaging product solutions, is conducive to customer choice.

  • We can also make bags according to customers' requirements, such as bags, straight bags, curved bags, machine bags, molded bags, etc.

4. Housekeeping after-sales service, no worries:

  • With a professional after-sales service team, 7*24-hour quick response mechanism, after-sales worry-free.

  • Provide free technical consultation and service, and always serve users with innovative technology.

  • Perfect after-sales service and constantly optimized product quality, welcome new and old customers to inquire.

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